Fiddle Leaf Fig - plant


Botanical name: Ficus Lyrata
Common names: Fiddle Leaf Fig, Banjo Fig

A lush exotic tree, the Fiddle Leaf Fig brings a sense of the African jungle right into your home! This plant features very large, violin-shaped leaves that grow upright, and thrives in dense, warm and wet conditions. With the right care, the Ficus can be well nurtured as an indoor potted plant.

This plant includes our logo printed paper bag planter made from 100% eco-friendly, biodegradable and reusable kraft paper. Our washable paper bag planter can also be purchased separately.


    Bright, indirect light. This plant loves the sun but beware of direct light that could burn its leaves.


    Enjoys moderately moist soil. Water when the surface feels dry, and moderately come winter. 


    Feed monthly in Spring and Summer. No need to feed during winter. Check out our fertilizer selection here.


    Appreciates a humid environment. Does not like temperature variations and cold drafts. Does not like being moved! Find a spot in your home and try to keep it there.

    Tip: Mist leaves occasionally to increase humidity, and wipe leaves every once in a while to keep them dust free.

    Pet friendly

    No- keep away from pets (can cause irritation if ingested)


    5'' - 7''

    7'' - 10''

    12'' - 24''

    24'' - 60''

    Measurement is the approximate height of the plant including the pot

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