Arbequina Olive Tree


Botanical Name: Olea europaea
Common Names: common olive, olive oil plant

With its light, sage-colored foliage, this ancient plant will make a beautiful statement in modern interiors, and will be sure to bring a touch of the mediterranean to your home. The olive tree can thrive both indoors, as well as outside when the warmer weather arrives.

 Although olive trees make for beautiful houseplants, they do naturally tend to drop some leaves. However, leaf drop can also be caused by lack of light, too much water or too little water. If your olive tree is dropping leaves more than usual, don’t panic - it can be fixed in most cases.

  • Plant size: large
  • Plant arrives in growing pot, placed into the decorative pot
  • All of our pots are made from recycled plastic
  • The cylinder pot has no drainage hole (size: 11.8" in diameter, 10.25" tall)
  • The tapered pot comes with drainage and saucer (size: 11.8" in diameter, 11" tall)


Bright, indirect light for at least 6 hours a day. This plant loves the sun but beware of direct light that could burn its leaves.

Signs of lack of sunlight: shedding leaves & flimsy new growth - ensure your plant is near a window and getting the maximum amount of sunlight.


Water when the top 2" of soil are dry. Still not sure when to water? Just follow the finger dip test.

Signs of overwatering: when your soil is very moist, leaves may yellow and drop - let the soil dry out before watering again and ensure proper drainage. Make sure to always discard any excess water in the pot or saucer (remove the rubber plug at the bottom of your pot to make sure water flows into the saucer)

Signs of under-watering: when your soil is too dry, and your leaves are crispy or have browning tips - you need to increase the frequency of watering. You can also mist your plant every few days for extra humidity.


Feed once every three weeks in Spring and Summer. Feed once a month during the colder months. Check out our fertilizer selection here.


Olive trees are accustomed to hot, dry climates, so they can tolerate dry air.

Pet friendly

Safe for pets!


5'' - 7''

7'' - 10''

12'' - 24''

24'' - 60''

Measurement is the approximate height of the plant including the pot

  • All orders are subject to a flat $10 delivery fee.
  • We currently only deliver to certain boroughs and municipalities on the island of Montreal. You can use our postal code tracker at checkout to make sure we deliver to your area.
  • Please allow 3-5 business days from when the order is placed to receive your plant. As we do not currently provide any packaging, please ensure someone is home to receive the delivery.
  • We deliver most plants in their growing pot, which fits perfectly into the decorative pot we offer with each plant, while others ship directly potted.
  • We do our best to select plants that are similar to the ones pictured on our website, but as with all living beings, there will be some variation in color, shape, size and texture - making each plant unique in its own way!

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