Seasonal Care

Spring & Summer


As most plants actively grow during the spring and summer months, you will need to make sure to properly hydrate your plant - but not overwater it.

Mist more often for that extra humidity. Move away from direct sun and watch out for air conditioner. You should also take the time to prune and feed your plant and, repot if needed.

Fall & Winter


As temperatures cool down, and the number of hours of daylight shortens come winter, expect to water less (as plants grow less and conserve energy). You should also make sure your plant is close to a window so that it can get as much natural sunlight as possible.

Continue to mist when needed to boost humidity. No need for fertilizer. And don’t be alarmed if your plant drops some leaves, it's simply adjusting to temperature cool down and less sunlight.

Lastly, try to avoid dramatic temperature changes that can shock your plant. For example, moving your plant from a cold to hot room, or keeping it near radiators or cold drafts.