Potting + Drainage

We deliver most plants in their growing pot, which fits perfectly into the decorative pot we offer with each plant, while others ship directly potted. There is no wrong method, but leaving your plant in its growing pot, creates simple drainage, and allows excess water to exit your plant, avoiding overwatering. It also makes it much easier to check on its roots every so often.

Alternatively, if you would like to pot your plant directly into your decorative pot, you can do so by adding a layer of rocks on the bottom of your pot, before adding the plant and soil. This method will help catch any excess water when watering your plant. For our pots made with drainage holes, you can simply remove the rubber plug at the bottom of your pot.

It is important to remember to always remove excess water from decorative pots that do not include saucers in order to avoid root rot. Keep in mind that only our 7.9” and 11.8” Ecopots come with drainage holes and saucers.