Soil & Fertilizer - AKA Plant food

Just like humans, plants need food to stay strong and healthy! Although light is really the primary source of food for plants, fertilizer also provides additional nutrients.


As a general rule, tropical plants prefer well-balanced multipurpose potting mixtures, while succulents and cacti prefer a soil with more perlite and sand. It is better to use fertilizers sparingly, and to dilute it with water to half strength before feeding your plant. Unless the plant is visibly suffering from nutrient deficiencies, you don’t need much fertilizing. Always make sure your soil is moist before applying fertilizer.


It is best to feed your plant friend in the spring and summer, as this is the time your plant is in its natural growth phase. Most indoor plants don’t need to be fertilized in winter. All indoor plants need to be fed at different rates and times, so be sure to check out the plant’s product page for more details.


As mentioned in our repotting section, if you recently potted your plant you can skip the fertilizer for that time period.