Who we are


Let’s face it, not everyone is born with a green thumb! And finding the right plant for your home, one that you won’t kill - can be quite challenging.

With over ten years of experience in the fashion industry, Stephanie decided to take a step back and transfer her skills in order to contribute to the world in a different way; by bringing some more green into people’s homes. In collaboration with Mauricio, an entrepreneur who believes in creating carbon negative companies, the two friends saw an opportunity for an online platform that would do just that.

So, here is their story, two city people with a love for the outdoors, nature and all things green, on a mission to help others bring the outdoors in.

And just like that, stemhaus was born in the Spring of 2020!

plants make people happy

The spaces we sleep in, eat in, work in and relax in all have an enormous impact on our wellbeing. By bringing plants inside your home, you’ll have an increase in greenery and oxygen, all while improving the space you live in.

making it simple

We deliver beautiful, healthy plants potted in our eco-friendly pots to make your life simpler. These pots are not only made from 80% high-quality recycled plastics but are also durable and timeless in their design. Speaking of simple, all care instructions are shared with you digitally via newsletters and emails, as well as on our website.

planting trees

We believe that carbon neutrality is simply not enough. Our planet is ever changing and in a dangerous state. At stemhaus, we know that creating carbon-negative companies is the answer. So, for every order you place, we plant one tree thanks to our One Tree Planted partnership.


Our mission is to simplify the entire plant-buying process by offering a selection of potted plants delivered right to your door in the most sustainable way possible, which is why we are working on using electric cars, and even bikes to transport your new plant babies to you.