The Jungle Stick - Fertilizer


 Your plants are like all living beings: they must sunbathe, breathe, drink and… eat! Introducing The Jungle Stick, a fertiliser with unique qualities that feeds your plants and enables insects to regain their natural role as allies of Nature⁠.

This natural fertilizer, uniquely contains rich organic matter (a feature absent from synthetic products). It serves as natural, long-lasting plant food. The fact that it is in a dry, granular, (and odourless) form means that it diffuses slowly in the soil. It prevents drying out by retaining water and ensures that your plants put down healthy roots.

How to use it? At the beginning of each season, spread the necessary quantity onto the soil and scratch it in. Then, activate Jungle Feed by watering it right after applying. The granules will diffuse naturally each time you water your plant.

The little extra: as it is of natural origin, this fertilizer is safe for your pets.

It feeds three middle-sized plants for three months!


    5'' - 7''

    7'' - 10''

    12'' - 24''

    24'' - 60''

    Measurement is the approximate height of the plant including the pot

    • All orders are subject to a flat $10 delivery fee.
    • We currently only deliver to certain boroughs and municipalities on the island of Montreal. You can use our postal code tracker at checkout to make sure we deliver to your area.
    • Please allow 3-5 business days from when the order is placed to receive your plant. As we do not currently provide any packaging, please ensure someone is home to receive the delivery.
    • We deliver most plants in their growing pot, which fits perfectly into the decorative pot we offer with each plant, while others ship directly potted.
    • We do our best to select plants that are similar to the ones pictured on our website, but as with all living beings, there will be some variation in color, shape, size and texture - making each plant unique in its own way!

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